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Want to advertise and marketing something to our network? Now’s your chance to increase exposure and reach and drive more traffic to your business. 

A successful business advertises to broadcast their company and expand their brand awareness. Jackfroot offers everyone the opportunity to reach out and advertise to our vastly huge target audience and growing network and community. We work with everyone from small local businesses to large sized companies.

Are you a model, independent artist, or talented actor/actress that needs help being discovered? Let us assist you in getting where you want to be. There are numerous opportunities we have created on to help you reach your goal. Check out what we have to offer. If you’re confused and need help, simply fill out the contact form below and a Jackfroot representative will contact you soon. We look forward to helping you!

Ways To Advertise

Featured Slider Ad
This is the top banner that gets most exposure and clicks. Advertise on here to gain the maximum exposure possible. Think of this as the cover page on a magazine. Dimensions: 520 width x 280 height.

Header Banner Ad
This is where we post up banner ads above the navigation menu. High reach and exposure. Dimensions: 468 width x 100 height.

Sidebar Banner Ad
This is a sidebar ad. This is good for people to notice your ad while reading content. Dimensions: 300 width x 250 height.

Exclusive Article Post
Let viewers read and learn more about your company and what you do. This is where we post up your brief biography and information about you or your business/company.

Exclusive Interview
This is where we send you exclusive Jackfroot interview questions. Readers will better understand and learn about you or your company.

Video Advertising
Have a new video you want to have exposed? Now’s your change to get more views by having it embedded and posted here directly on our website. Let our viewers watch what you have created!


Jackfroot is open to sponsors from major companies. Sponsorships offer your company maximum exposure and return. We offer the full package of everything above and more. Sponsorships include banner ads, your background wallpaper, featured slider ad, logo placement, and an exclusive article written on your company or campaign..If you would like to become a sponsor of, feel free to use the form below to reach out to us now.

  • Small and local businesses
  • Independent Artists
  • Videos
  • Featured Content


Jackfroot Target Audience & Demographic

(*Note – this is a projected target audience and demographic results)
Audience: 1,125,000 Monthly Traffic: 200,000 projected visitors
Jackfroot Network Traffic: 1.2 MM monthly unique visitors

Targeted age group: 14-28
Male Readers: 61% Average
Female Readers: 39% Average
Daily Readership: 2100 – 3300 unique readers
Weekly Readership: 15,500 – 20,000 unique readers
Monthly Readership: 50,000 – 70,100 unique readers

#1 for all online entertainment websites!
Listens to and downloads music
Watches movies and online videos
Purchased a DVD in the last 6 months
Purchased alternative music
Went to a rock show or concert in the last year
Goes to 2-3 rock shows or concerts every few months
I seek out variety in my everyday life
Life should be as much fun as possible
I consider myself sophisticated
Risk-taking is exciting to me


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