Wrecking Crew Orchestra – New Dance Technology Routine

Eight dancers from Japan dancing in the dark made viral headlines this week hitting over 3.5 million views already. How could that be?! YouTube viewers were mesmerized by the Tron-inspired troop moves that the Japanese dance team Wrecking Crew Orchestra perfectly synchronized together- in the dark! The world’s first wearable wireless lighting system designed by iLuminate has performers strapped with light-emitting ribbons and tape which can be controlled remotely. This new dance technology is showcased in this jaw-dropping impressive dance routine:


[youtube id=”6ydeY0tTtF4″ width=”619″ height=”375″]


The technology gained mainstream attention when Team iLuminate from Los Angeles finished third place in the sixth season of “America’s Got Talent.” Here’s a commercial clip for a Japanese smartphone making company – Docomo Experia – using the same technology:


[youtube id=”ZkZfGPsudAw” width=”619″ height=”375″]


Check out Wrecking Crew Orchestra’s Website HERE (Google translated)








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