Wow! This 63 Year Old Mom Looks the Same Age as Her 3 Daughters

So many people these days spend so much money on skin and beauty products to stay young and prevent wrinkles. But this Taiwanese family just may be the youngest looking family in the world and they reveal their special secret to looking young.

lure korean young youth looks

Lure Hsu (age 41) is an interior designer and fashion blogger that amazed millions of people around the globe because of her amazingly young looking face. In time, people soon learned that she wasn’t the only in her family that looked extra young.

Lure has two younger sisters – Sharon at age 36 and Fayfay at 40. Both of them look like they’re still students college students. Some may say they can even pass as high school students.

Would you think they’re between the ages of 36-41?

taiwanese mother sisters-look -youth

What’s even more interesting is their mother, a retired dancer at age 63. The mother can easily be mistaken as one of their sisters as well.

These four women look so incredibly young that people are questioning what’s the secret to everlasting youth and beauty. The Taiwanese media are calling them ‘the family of frozen ages’.

The 63 year old mom (middle) and her daughters Lure Hsu, 41 (right) and Sharon, 36 (left) can pass as college students.

taiwanese mom looks like daughters

So what’s the magic formula or secret? In an interview with Taiwan’s Friday magazine, Lure revealed that the key ingredients to these youthful looks is to eat a lot of veggies and drink a lot of water.

young taiwanese sisters drink water

Lure also mentioned the importance of moisturizing your skin, as “once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles.”

Lure’s sister Fayfay also recommended drinking lots of water, including a big glass of lukewarm water every morning. “I have been doing that for more than 10 years,” Fayfay said. “I drink 350ml to 500ml.”

Fayfay said she keeps a regular lifestyle, “Because I have two daughters, I stick to a routine. I go to bed and get up early every day, and I eat my three meals on time every day.”

‘I never skip breakfast because eating your food on time could help you stay slim.’

So there it is! According to these women from Taiwan, the simple secret to youthful looks is simpler than you could ever imagine – JUST DRINK WATER!

 lure fayfay taiwan secret to youth

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