Speaking on behalf of the staff and friends at Jackfroot, I would like to express our profound sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the victims and communities affected by the tragedy that took place over the early weekend. The senseless act that took place in that midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” was something that caught all of our attention. Going to the movies is a joyful and fun American past time. It’s unfortunate that the thought of sharing an experience and watching a story unfold on screen together in a crowded theater will never be the same for all of us ever again. We will constantly be reminded the next time we go to the movies and our hearts goes out to Colorado and the Aurora community there.


In light of that, we believe in the healing powers of humor. We hear it all the time: laughter is the best medicine. Although there is no real “fix” or cure to what happened, it’s a step towards moving forward from devastation and sorrows. With much compassion and respect, we’d like to share with you all a funny new short from Wong Fu Productions that made it to the MSN trending site. Check out Phil at the recent San Diego Comic Con dressed up as none other than… who???


 Wong Fu Production’s new short: The Catman Rises


[youtube id=”uMjrpzSTuCA” width=”619″ height=”375″]



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