The boys at Wong Fu Productions are up for a huge challenge to write, shoot, and edit an episode each week for the next 5 weeks! Teaming up with AT&T, they set out to start an intense video campaign with a web series called “Away We Happened”. Interestingly, the unique part is that YOU get to decide what happens in the next episodes. After each episode release, viewers will have 2 days to decide what will happen next! A great chance to share your awesome ideas and be a part of the story telling! How great is that!? Wong Fu will take your suggestions to produce and direct the next episode the following week. They would ultimately be creating a web series with you! However, it can’t happen without your support.


Episode 1 of “Away We Happened”:


[youtube id=”M-18osIewxg” width=”619″ height=”315″]


Go here to watch and submit your ideas!



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Produced and Directed by Wong Fu Productions

Victor Kim
Jen FrmHeadToToe
Ki Hong Lee


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