I was working hard on coming up with my next article choosing between new fashion trends or a cover video that I saw on YouTube. But when I stumbled upon this news that read: Fil-Am Teen Found Dead: Bullying Suspected. I thought to myself, another news story on bullying? Haven’t I read and seen enough bullying campaign ads before? But the reality is–it’s not enough. Not enough TV campaigns; not enough print advertisements; not enough social media buzz. Just not enough.


Until it completely stops, it’s just not enough. Unsettling as it was for me, it was not my intention to write about bullying. But in this case, I am giving my time and fair share of effort in spreading the word. No I will not give you facts and statistics because I refuse to resort the victims of bullying as mere statistics. But, what I want to do is share with you her story.


This video is a Tribute to Eira Maghuyop and was shared on YouTube



Eira Maghuyop was a Filipino American high school freshman attending the exclusive, all-girls’ Ursuline School in New Rochelle. Maghuyop was a bright and beautiful young woman. She loved music. Her favorite color was purple. She had a younger and older brother. She loved the TV series Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. She said she dreamed of becoming a doctor or nurse, like her mother.


I Love You Hand symbol, R.I.P. Eira Maghuyop Like if your against bullying on Facebook


Eira was only fourteen-years old when she was found dead in her Yonkers, New York home on Tuesday, the 31st of January, 2012, after allegedly hanging herself in the bathroom. Her death is still under Yonkers police investigation.



It’s about time that we carry our own weight. To continue to spread the word: Stop Bullying. The bigger the awareness, the better. Simple teasing can have a huge impact on kids. Take part. So when the kids see it [bullying], they can at least try to stop it.



Read and find out more on Eira’s tribute page:

Eira Maghuyop FB Tribute Page

Eira’s Tumblr Page



Authored by Mitch Layno


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