Jeremy Lin with Jerry WestAfter bouncing back and forth between the NBA and NBDL (National Basketball Development League) last season, Jeremy Lin is ready to show the NBA what he’s really got  and he’s putting in a lot of hard work to do so.

Last season, Jeremy Lin was not a focal point in the Warriors offense. Often times he would be sitting on the bench or would play very little minutes. His lack of play time led the team to move him to their developmental team in Reno. However, while playing in the NBDL, he showed people his capability and effectiveness when given playing time.

So how is he going to make sure he’s on the team this upcoming 2011-2012 NBA season? Everything and anything possible. He has been reportedly working on his shot and form and is also hitting the weights to increase his size and strength. He’s also been doing his fair share of community service playing in an NBA charity game in Hawaii and speaking to kids at a local school in Chinatown in Oakland, CA. The Asian American community definitely looks up to Lin and wish him nothing but success in a league dominated by African Americans. Being Asian American is already a distinct disadvantage, but his will and hard work will hopefully pay off and give him a spot on an NBA team for a long time to come. Press play to watch an interview with Jeremy Lin discussing his off-season routine and let us know what you think of Jeremy Lin’s chances of staying in the NBA long term in our comments below.


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