Watch: Who is Constance Wu? A Look into the ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Star

Constance Wu is one of the leading stars on the Asian family sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ and will also be starring on the upcoming film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. We came across this in depth interview brought to you by CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment).

Wu talks about the struggles she had starting out as an actress and her journey so far in the television industry. She mentions how its taken “a long time to have more Asian representation in media and especially on network TV”.

She also gives insight and advice for anyone that wants to start into acting.

“If you’re already feeling down, don’t beat yourself up more for being down. Being down is part of life. It’s going to go away and it’s going to come back. It’s going to go away and it’s going to come back. So just navigate it with grace and a little bit of courage and use it as an opportunity to find out more about yourself,” says Constance Wu.

Press play to watch the interview now.

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