Watch This Dancer’s Heartbreaking Performance to the Love of His Life

Relationships and breakups are tough, especially for young people that are inexperienced and have never gone through it. Sometimes you don’t know how to cope or deal with the situation so you find ways to heal.

Dominic Sandoval, also known as D-Trix, is an American dancer and YouTube personality. He was a contestant on the 3rd season of Fox’s show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and along with the rest of Quest Crew winner of the third season of America’s Best Dance Crew. After his win, he became a judge on ABDC.

D-Trix has been busy creating entertaining content on Instagram and YouTube but hasn’t stopped dancing. He recently posted a dance video titled ‘goodbye‘ where he’s dancing alongside a female.

The video opens up to a song titled “Lights Down Low” by an artist named Max. D-Trix is seen dancing with a rose that soon blooms into a female dancer who plays his girlfriend.  As the song intensifies, it showcases the two dancers madly in love. The performance uses a pre-recorded dance of the two shot onto a projection screen where they are simultaneously dancing with their visual recordings.

At a minute and 33 seconds, you can see D-Trix hit the floor while a special effect of his recorded self floats into the air. The dance choreography is electrifying and synchronized with the music.

Press play to watch this amazing performance:

Get the song here: “Lights Down Low” by MAX

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