Here’s the new Verizon Tablet commercial featuring TWO Asian Americans throughout the whole commercial! Talk about semi-ground breaking. The best part of it all is that they speak perfect English and aren’t being stereotyped in any negative way. My have the times changed.

Press the play button to watch the commercial yourself. Smart move Verizon, guess they finally figured out Asians like to spend money on gadgets and we do have spending power. What are your thoughts on the fact that more Asians are being featured in commercials now and days? Good thing? Bad thing? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I wondered what was up with verizon seemingly focusing on the Asian demigraphic. In the last week I have seen THREE commercials with Asian actors. One with an Asian male lead, one with an Asian female lead, and the third (the one above in this string) with TWO Asians (Verizon clerk and customer). This should not be noticeable, but the way they are done, its a pretty obvious attempt on Verizons part. I wondered what was up. After searching, I saw that a few months back, Verizon had released a somewhat “tasteless” commercial depicting an Asian cab driver with an Anglo passenger. The cabbie was driving very erraticly – perhaps so kind of stereotype? At any rate, not the best portrayal. Well, I wonder if this new string of commercials is some way to quell Asian anger over that commercial. Otherwise, I have no issue with the obvious marketing strategy towards the Asian demi.

  2. This is a good thing even though it’s very much noticeable because this is not the only commercial there is 2 more that I saw!! I don’t have a problem with it and happy that they didn’t put them with an accent that pisses me off when they stereotype.Time has change now I wish they will let them do more like such as singing etc..

    • We agree with you 100% Misa, negative stereotypes of Asians seem to be a thing of the past, on commercials at least, now we need to have more exposure in the music industry!


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