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Online Outrage on FHM Philippines March Cover Issue: Artistic or Offensive?

“What were they thinking?” according to a tweet. A controversial racist cover that features a light-skinned actress, Bela Padilla, in a hot-pink bikini, sandwiched between two dark-skinned models supposedly representing her shadows. Below the heading on the cover states:  “Bela Padilla: Stepping Out of the Shadows.”     A teaser of the magazine’s latest cover […]

Sarah Geronimo Making History in the Twitter World!

  If you’re on Twitter, then you must be in wonderland right now,asking yourself what “Sarah G. Day” was all about. American Idol alumnus, Stefano Langone, couldn’t help but asked on Facebook: “What is Sarah G. Day? Remained no. 1 trending on twitter. don’t have any idea about it??”       “Sarah G. Day”, was […]