Milyene Huynh

Kollaboration: Empowerment Through Entertainment

Kollaboration started out as an idea to provide a platform for young Asian and Pacific Islander artists to showcase their talents. What began with a single show in Los Angeles to pilot the movement has now grown to annual talent shows in 14 cities in North America spanning from Honolulu to Chicago to New York. […]

Far East Movement – For All

At the end of the day, people all over the world want love, life, and dreams – FOR ALL. Not just Americans. Check out this inspirational anthem music video from Far East Movement with a few exclusive cameos to help support and spread the positive word. This song speaks of hope and ideals that each […]

JR Aqunio on NBC’s THE VOICE!

If you’ve been tuning into one of the many American reality television singing competitions lately, did you catch The Voice on NBC last night?! Check out our man, Alaskan YouTube star, JR Aquino (aka JRA) battled it out last night in front of millions of viewers. But with over 50 million views already on YouTube channel, I’m sure […]

PSY’s Success In America: Good Or Bad?

On July 15th, 2012, a humorous music video of a well dressed cheesy looking man rapping in Korean, was uploaded to YouTube. As of right now, that video has accumulated over 300 million views and is the most “liked” video in YouTube history. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you are probably the last person with […]

Gangnam Style Mom

I will place a sure bet that this umma (Korean for “mom”) in the video below  can battle your mom at the now – globally popular  - Gangnam Style Dance anytime. Much props to Mrs.Song ( who is 60 years old respectively), for generously passing down her mad dance skills and talents onto her son, Mike Song. […]

Legaci – Never Got Over You

Growing up in the Bay Area, I have mad love and respect for R&B singing group Legaci. I’ve been following them as a fan since they first formed back in 1997 with their original members. Today, the group consist of Micah Tolentino and Jason Atencion, who remain in the line up; along with Chris Abadand […]

Sam Tsui: “Titanium” – David Guetta

Sam Tsui along with his producer and accompanist Kurt Schneider, collaborate for a cool and atmospheric cover of David Guetta’s “Titanium”. Check it out:   [youtube id=”CXit8kxCCTg” width=”619″ height=”315″]   Grab on iTunes here! Subscribe to Sam Tsui’s YouTube Channel here!  

Ryan Higa on The Olympics

Another hilarious video from Ryan Higa on The Olympics. He touches on some real life criticism one may find if they decline to join in the “Watching the Olympics” bandwagon. Enjoy:   [youtube id=”0GmfIsOLJ6k” width=”619″ height=”315″]   Check out more of Jackfroot’s coverage of Ryan here. Subscribe to his Nigahiga YouTube channel here.  

Jeremy Lin – The Offseason Ep.2

What has Jeremy Lin been up to this summer since recently signing with the Houston Rockets? Well, just signing more multi-million dollar contracts and endorsements. No biggie. You know, starring in car commercials, training hard core, playing some “put-put” as he mentions (miniature golf), and oh yeah… We can’t forget to mention playing some Dance Dance Revolution – probably […]