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Exclusive Interview: Chengman

  With a huge pool of YouTube stars on the internet, there’s always room for new faces. One of those new faces happens to be Asian-Canadian and he goes by the name of Chengman. This hilarious fellow has built a strong following so far on YouTube and it’s for a good reason, he’s straight up […]

“Home is Where the Hans Are” – Episode 1

After much anticipation, the first episode of “Home is Where the Hans Are” is now live. Like we said before, without the internet, we probably wouldn’t see a “show” that focuses on the dynamics of Asian American family. Randall Park plays the lead role in this comedy series and after watching the episode, we must […]

Jeremy Lin Recalled By The Knicks

It’s been rough for Jeremy Lin lately, but with every bump in the road comes smooth pavement along the way as well. Recently, Lin was sent to the D-League and quickly recalled back by the Knicks due to injuries.   Lin’s time in the D-League once again proved that when given minutes and an opportunity, […]
“Home is Where the Hans Are” – Trailer

“Home is Where the Hans Are” – Trailer

Isn’t it kind of sad that they are no Asian family sitcoms on TV? Well, unless there’s a drastic change, we probably won’t be seeing one on TV for a while. However, that’s where the internet comes in! Check out this trailer from WongFuProductions for a new series entitled “Home is Where the Hans Are”. […]

Shit Peter Chao Says

We know that the whole “Sh*t _____ Says” might be getting over saturated throughout the YouTube world, but this version is definitely one you need to see. Peter Chao is one funny guy and you’ll have to watch it for yourself so we don’t ruin anything. Press play and prepare to laugh!      

Adidas Derick Rose adiZero “Lei Feng” Edition

Derick Rose already dominates the courts of the NBA, now he wants to dominate the shoe market in China as well. Adidas has released a Chinese exclusive design called the “Lei Feng” which aims to attract the Chinese sneaker market. The shoe’s name is inspired by  Chinese soldier, Lei Feng, who became a symbol of Maoist […]


Chengman is back with another episode of HOW HEATSCORE ARE YOU? In this segment he goes through another round of user submitted photos while awarding them HEATSCORE points. To check out the photos and the results, press the play button to watch the video. If you want to submit your own photos to Chengmen, send […]

NBA, We Would Like To Introduce Jet Chang

  We’re all familiar with the names Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, and Yi Jianlian. Now it’s time we introduce you to Tsung-Hsien Chang, aka Jet Chang, the 6-4 shooting guard from BYU-Hawaii. Nicknamed Jet due to his quick moves and high flying acrobatics, Chang has created quite a buzz for himself after a stellar year in […]


A rising YouTube talent coming out of Canada goes by the name Chengman. This guy’s hilarious antics and variety of skits has made him a hot topic online. We recently came across his newest video where he brought back his popular segment “HEATSCORE”. In this segment, he has users and fans send in photos so they […]
Mree- Lift Me Up Music Video

Lift Me Up (Music Video) by Mree

Marie Hsiao, better known as  Mree, debuts her new single, “Lift Me Up, ” with a mesmerizing music video.   Along with her angelic voice, Mree’s natural beauty blends right into the soft visuals of the music video. The song captivates like a peaceful lullaby, as she sings “here among the clouds, we are sleep […]

Kina Grannis on Jimmy Kimmel Thurs, Jan 12

  Kina Grannis will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, January 12, as confirmed by ABC. (   Grannis has been cosigned by popular youtubers David Choi, Wong Fu Productions, and Ryan Higa–to name a few–making the rounds as a rightful web celeb herself. Quite recently she has been spotlighted time and time again […]