Eric Quach

An old mind stuck in a youth's struggle. Allow me to share with you my aesthetics and palette. See ya soon.
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Lyle Beniga | Wale – Bait

  Lyle Beniga is hands down my favorite choreographer. I can sit here and write up some typical background history compiled of Lyle’s resume but I’m just going to get straight to the point. This sh*t right here is pure crack. It has to be one of the dopest routines I’ve ever watched in my […]

Disney’s Vinylmation

Vinyl Toys, or more commonly referred to as “Designer Toys”, are a phenomenon that began with Hong Kong artist, Michael Lau, in the late 90s. A vinyl toy is basically a three dimensional figurine, which can come in various shapes and forms, that is essentially a canvas. The same form factor is usually repeated many […]

5 Must have iPhone and iPad Games

Gaming on the iPhone or any other apple product has taken an exponential transformation since first introduced back in 2006. Contrary to the typical Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja etc, I will present to you 5 games not very well known to the mainstream iOS device owner. With a smorgasbord of choices whether you enjoy the […]

Gowe – I Wonder (Official Music Video)

Gowe (Gifted on West East) is a up and coming cat from Seattle. The Korean rapper wrote this song entitled I Wonder Ft. ,Erin Kim talking about his biological mother and explaining the situation of her story. Regarding the video, the quality is cinematic, the direction is definitely up there, and Gowe just comes super […]

SoReal Cru: Homegrown

SoReal Cru is back with that uncut compilation style dance medley that made them who they are. Swear this is that double dose of Nyquil before you sleep and feel glued to the mattress with a fever in the morning kind of ill right here. The reason why this Houston squad always comes so correct […]