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I'm Chinese and I like to write and stuff.

Alternate Reality by JRA loves JRA. Talented singer, with passion and an interesting style. Definitely a musician on the rise, or at least should be on the rise! Support JRA because definitely does! Enjoy this ladies and gentlemen.   Lyrics: shoulda coulda woulda that’s the theme of this story cause I could swear in another time […]

Dumbfoundead’s Story by Carson Daly

  Carson Daly presenting Dumbfoundead? Whaaaaaaaat. Well you know what, we believe that Dumbfoundead deserves all of the recognition and shine he is getting. supports Dumbfoundead to the fullest, not just because of his lyrical style that’s smooth with a cognitive tone, but because of the content he writes about. We want to give […]

Alexander Spit & Bobby Hundreds

  Alexander Spit, a well versed lyricist and rapper on this music video directed by himself and the infamous Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds fashion company. Sick flows, smooth tones, and in sync with that California culture. Enjoy!  

Tommy C Mixtape Preview

  I’m not throwing this video post up because Tommy C is a dope and talented singer, but because this video is actually pretty innovative in terms of the YouTube world. This is a preview of the mix tape that Tommy C will be releasing on January 7th, 2012. This video features an interactive preview […]

Underground King by Lil Crazed

  Lil Crazed, an underground artist that is on the rise in the public realm has dedicated himself to strong lyrical flows. In complete immersion in the entertainment realm, Lil Crazed has appeared on collaborations and has been traveling around the world in pursuit of his talent and potential abilities. Underground King definitely displays his […]

Earthquakey People (The Sequel) by Steve Aoki

  Another trip up by Steve Aoki. This one is titled Earthquakey People (The Sequel). Check out this video by Steve Aoki featuring Rivers Cuomo. Here’s what the Aoki team has to say about this:   In the past, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has had some interesting collaborators: Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, B.o.B., Miranda […]

One Hour of Steve Aoki

  For those who do not know about Steve Aoki’s mix show every Saturday evening, here is the latest episode just released! This show is on Sirius Satellite Radio and is a good chunk of time of pure Aokism. So kick back, relax, put this on the speaker and enjoy!  

KevJumba Describes a True Friend

  KevJumba gets personal once again with his life philosophy and words of wisdom. In this episode, Jumba describes a true friend, comments on what he thinks of Facebook friends and shares with us some other hella sweet friendship gestural actions.   For those who don’t know what hella means, it’s a term coined from […]

Tribute to Stevie Wonder by Jeremy Passion

  Thought I would put on a throwback for all the oldie lovers. Jeremy Passion is a local singer from the San Francisco Bay Area, California that I’ve actually seen perform years before I started with Jackfroot. His live performance skills are top notch and his YouTube videos are just as on point. Check out […]

A Recap of Wong Fu Productions

  This video is a great way to get a sense of Wong Fu Productions and what they do. This serves as a recap of the year of 2011 which includes Wong Fu reaching 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, being invited to the White House and organizing events such as ISA at Seattle, San Francisco and […]

Love is a Song (Remix) by Dumbfoundead

  This is Dumbfounded rapping over DJ Soulscape’s beat titled Love is a Song. Fresh beat, fresh rap and fresh composition. Check out this smooth song by Dumbfounded, Korean rapper from Koreatown, Los Angeles.   Respects to DJ Soulscape: Twitter: @slscp   Directed by: Andrew Kurchinski   I guess im trippin for me […]

Flawless by Tommy C ft. Lil Crazed

  Another Tommy C and Lil Crazed collaboration called Flawless in an interesting performance setting. Tommy C with a strong voice and Lil Crazed with a distinct rap quality, together hold a very strong duo amongst a series of collaborative songs. Check out the lyrics to this song below.   (Verse 1) To me you’re […]