Derick Lee

I'm Chinese and I like to write and stuff.

A Talented Violinist: Weightless by Paul Dateh

  We love Paul Dateh’s music. It is definitely a different “wavelength” of music that Asian Americans are typically into. Much more into the transcendental, classical and musical side of composition. This definitely keeps Jackfroot afloat, truly talented musicians and people  who are really pushing our community into new realms and boundaries. Much love to […]

The Steve Aoki Show: DJ vs. Wild

  Steve Aoki is doing vlogs now! This time around he’s doing a bit of Man vs. Wild type of entertainment. Never seen him really do something like this, but definitely an interesting to look at if you’re 1) bored, 2) Like Steve Aoki and/or 3) Want to see Steve Aoki do something beside fist […]

I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz cover) by Alyssa Bernal

  The beautiful Alyssa Bernal puts out a Jason Mraz cover of “I Won’t Give Up.” Alyssa Bernal has an unforgettable voice, someone you won’t be able to take your eyes off, and someone you won’t be able to stop listening to! Check out this cover by Alyssa Bernal.   Website: Twitter:   […]

We Found Love (Rihanna cover) by Michelle Martinez

  Michelle Martinez…………………………..   Talented singer, powerful and beautiful. Check out this video as she does a cover for Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” From the looks of it, this girl puts in passion to her words. Her voice transcends this world. You know she feels the lyrics to the bottom depths. Hit the play, and […]

Let it Be (The Beatles) by Joseph Vincent

  Joseph Vincent produces a cover “Let it Be” by The Beatles. Joseph Vincent started as a YouTube artist, but has grown extremely from there on. Being catered to fame, Joseph Vincent is now travelling all over in cater to his success. Enjoy this piece by Joseph Vincent.   Website:   Facebook: Twitter: […]

Shit Asian Dads Say by JustKiddingFilms

  Man, this chain of “Shit (fill in the blank) Say” is off the hook! Check out this winning video from JustKiddingFilms. Shout out to Joe Jo and Bart Kwan for doing it real big with this one. Good contribution to the chain of videos with similar themes. Keep going and check out this YouTube […]