uploaded the asian american movement

uploaded the asian american movement

The Asian American movement in the entertainment industry in both music and film is growing rapidly fast. Jackfroot is here to support all Asian American talents and projects that have a strong passion and interest in breaking us into mainstream media. Yes, Asians can do it too. One day, we’d like to more leading Asian American actor roles in Hollywood films. We also would like to see more Asian American artists in top Billboard charts and music award shows. Check out this reel on a brand new project that Jackfroot supports on the Asian American Movement! Spread the word!

Information About UPLOADED:


Advances in online media in the past decade have seen an increase in the historically limited presence of Asian faces in American entertainment. This documentary aims to uncover the extent to which Asian Americans have utilized new media such as YouTube to infiltrate American popular culture and where this momentum will lead. The documentary will focus on the current struggles and successes of important Asian Americans in entertainment, from both online celebrities and industry professionals.


Five years ago, it was nearly impossible to name 10 recognizable Asian entertainers in America. Even more problematic was the lack of acknowledgment of this issue. However, we’ve noticed a slow shift of rising Asian American artists in entertainment. They’re taking action into their own hands & redefining how Asian Americans are perceived & valued in our society.

We’re documenting this important era to set as a reference point, through an in-depth exploration of the visibility of Asian Americans in pop culture before and after the inception of new media such as YouTube. It’ll focus on the current struggles & successes of important Asian Americans in the areas of music, film & dance from both new media creators & long time industry professionals.

A list of people who have been filmed and those who have agreed to be in the documentary is listed on our website. The list is continually expanding so check back for new additions.


This is an in-progress documentary, which we have only scratched the surface of. We are looking to do much more research, interviews of personal experiences and social commentaries in order to paint a complete picture of this movement. In order to accomplish this, we need funding for production, post-production, and marketing. We are currently working on a budget of zero dollars and it’s been tough. Your monetary support will allow us to pay licensing fees, travel expenses, equipment rentals, marketing, distribution methods, and much more. Your Donation will help us gather behind the scenes footage not seen by the general public, learn from the wisdom of important Asian American figures, all in hopes to connect, inspire, and empower the API community.

Remember Kickstarter projects are all or nothing (so if we don’t reach our goal we don’t get any of the donations) so please help us! Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you! =)

For more information on this project, visit them on their sites:

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