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What The Japanese Think Of Japanese Porn

Asian Boss digs deep in the topic of Porn and gets a better perspective on what the Japanese people think about porn. They ask questions like if they have ever viewed porn and how much it would take for them to star in one. One client said at least $20,000 and another said $100,000.

How to Bargain Shop in Asia

Have you went shopping in Asia? Watch this video as Collin Abroadcast takes you around the shopping market area in Shanghai, China and bargain for a bunch of random knock off stuff. Collin takes a look at some fidget spinners, souvenirs, t-shirts and even grabs a couple pairs of imitation Yeezy’s and NMD’s. Come along […]

Own a Boeing 747 For Only $20M

For those that haven’t heard of Taobao before, it’s the China Equivalent to Amazon mixed in with eBay. You can literally buy/bid on anything there, from regular everyday products branded and unbranded, to the more bizarre and strange, like Vietnamese brides and a trip to space. The most recent to the list is a listing […]

Interview: Experience Vietnam with Travel Youtuber, Kyle Le

Kyle Le admits he never intended to build a Youtube career: “it happened accidentally,” he says with profound appreciation. Kyle’s vlogging origins began with sharing clips of food and places with his family and friends while traveling in Vietnam. Viewers who happened to stumble upon his videos began sharing them with others, and encouraging him […]