Check out Traphik’s mixtape titled “Mixedape” available for download for free. Click here to download the mixtape now.


Traphik says a few words about his new mixtape:

Track Listing:

* 1. Throw Em Out
* 2. Bonafied Hustler feat. Ricky Shucks and the Werd
* 3. Look At Her feat. Young Legit
* 4. Crickets (remix) feat. Siryss, Micah B
* 5. You Are The 1 feat. Ahmir
* 6. Bedrock (remix) feat. Illmillion, Tommy C., Lil Skip, Dee, Phlip, and Trixx
* 7. Everybody Else feat. T-Pain
* 8. Get Up feat. Lil Crazed, Wax
* 9. Re-Up feat. Dpryde, Suspect
* 10. Grind Hard feat. Lil Crazed
* 11. So Far So Good feat. Twankstar. Grind Hard feat. Lil Crazed
* 12. Mr. Invisible feat. Andrew Garcia
* 13. Insecure Girls
* 14. Hey Selena Gomez
* 15. Say Aah (remix) feat. JRAquino, Dpryde, Lil Crazed, J-Reyez
* 16. Senorita feat. EebSoFresh
* 17. Baby (live remix) feat. Legaci, Cathy Nguyen
* 18. Bubble Guts feat. Wax
* 19. I Rock Onesies feat. PDFlo, Supereeego
* 20. 20 Only From Afar

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  1. Girls don”t make sense  yah thats so troo man xD THERE ARE PLAING WITH USS WTF -.- THATS MAKE ME NERVUS DAMMN 


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