It’s an honor to be living in the Silicon Valley. Friends not from around these parts joke that I breath the same air as millionaires on the daily – especially around here!  Here in the Bay Area is where you’ll likely be impressed to know someone who works at Google. Scoring lunch dates at your buddy’s work place is an extra perk to your relationship – the Google Cafeteria is an ambitious to-do item on your Bay Area eatery list!


More recently, Facebook and YouTube moved in and it’s like a new hot spot came into town. Ever in the area and wanted to take a tour of these two social media powerhouses? Join Phil, Ted, and Wes of Wong Fu Productions as they take you along with them on their tour experience. Enjoy actually being here – sort of:


[youtube id=”Aktq2N_Y9QA” width=”619″ height=”315″]


Hope you had fun! Come visit us again!




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