Everyone in the world will always need some type of inspiration and creativity to keep their passion and drive alive. We recently caught up with J.Reyez, a talented Korean artist from Canada, to find out what some things are that inspires him as an artist. Check out the list of 5 top things that inspires J.Reyez.

Top 5 Things That Inspires J.Reyez

1. Life

Life itself is my biggest inspiration. It’s something you gotta just take in and appreciate day by day and I’ve grown to understand it a lot better. Everything that surrounds me is what inspires me the most. Anywhere from personal experiences, to relationships, work, friendships, peers, hobbies or just having fun. Most of that is what goes towards my music when I’m writing.

2. Family and friends

My family and friends are the ones that push me to work that much harder and they’re always honest with me when it comes to my music. I get ideas from them, feedback towards my music, and it helps me grow as an artist and as a person. Part of why I stay on point is because of them and my type of “success” that I wanna achieve is to make sure all of them are good for life. I just want to take this time to shout out my manager Dennis Truong and the entire Nu-Lite Management, Nu-Lite Artist Roster and The MAKERS movement. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today and where I will be later in life.

3. Relationships

A lot of my music talks about things I’ve been through being in relationships and it’s been a great learning experience. I would’ve never thought that all those distractions, problems and stressful times I went through in the past would give me so much content to write about.

4. Hip Hop Music

This one is an obvious haha. Hip hop has been a big influence to me ever since highschool days. Believe or not, when it was the “cool thing”, I used to be like super thugged out with baggy clothes, bandanas, talking all slang and I was just a big mess in my youth haha. It has influenced me from the way I dress to the way I act, even the way I talk.

5. Fans

The fans inspire me because when I’m in my creative mode and I’m writing about my experiences, I take into consideration now that when I drop a track, the people listen. I understand that the fans really do follow and get influenced by my music the same way I would listening to one of my favorite artists. Because of that, I try to make the way I write, easy for them to understand and relate to so they can really feel what I’m saying without always having to study the lyrics over and over again just to get a glimpse of what it means.

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