Top 10 Subscribed Asian American YouTube Channels #5-#1

(5) Wong Fu Productions


Number 5 on the list is none other than WongFuProductions, the 3 Asian guys who had an aspiration to make their own movies, have now become one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Wong Fu Productions first started making videos in 2003 at UC San Diego. Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang all started out as friends and dorm mates.

Since joining YouTube in 2007, they have now amassed over 1 million subscribers. To have over a million people subscribe to your channel speaks volumes. These guys definitely have crafted their skills through out the years and we see them breaking into Hollywood very soon.

Check out their most viewed video to date entitled “Strangers, Again” below to get a taste of WongFuProduction’s skills.

(4) Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto - TimothyDeLaGhetto2

Next we have Tim aka Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Traphik at number 4 on our list. This star in the making has a unique humor that is a cross between Will Smith and Dave Chapelle, which has gained him over 1 million fans on YouTube. He’s not your typical Asian American YouTube star.

He has a more hip hop urban influence that shines through in his videos which gives him a distinct edge over other channels. He recently got his own show on MYX TV, an Asian American channel on cable. Check out one of his funniest videos to date below.

(3) KevJumba


The number 3 person on our list is KevJumba who’s bedroom rants have led him to become one of the most recognized and popular YouTube celebrities. He has basically grown up before everyone’s eyes as he now has over 2.1 million subscribers to date. His funny yet genuine opinion on various topics has made him a crowd favorite.

The addition of his real father in many of his videos have helped increase his popularity as well. Press play below to check out one his latest video skits featuring the lovely Jamie Chung.

(2) Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong - Freddie

Number 2 on our list is special effects guru Freddie Wong. Even though he’s been around since 2006, his popularity started gaining steam recently and he’s now hit over 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His consistent use of guns and special effects has made him a popular choice when it comes to action style videos. He has also uploaded several tutorial videos to aid aspiring special effect gurus such as himself. To check out Freddie’s skills, check out the video below.

(1) NigaHiga


Here it is, we’re finally at our number 1 subscribed Asian American YouTube Channel. This man really needs no introduction, however, NigaHiga is not only the #1 subscribe Asian American YouTube channel, he’s the #1 overall channel on YouTube period. At over 4.6 million subscribers, Ryan Higa is the most subscribed person on YouTube and for good reason.

His unique personality and witty comedy has been consistently funny for the past 5 years. His talents have been accepted and loved by YouTube viewers from all walks of life and we applaud him and all his achievements. To check out the video where it all started, press the play button below to get a little “blast from the past” to see why NigaHiga is Mr. YouTube.



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