I’m not throwing this video post up because Tommy C is a dope and talented singer, but because this video is actually pretty innovative in terms of the YouTube world. This is a preview of the mix tape that Tommy C will be releasing on January 7th, 2012. This video features an interactive preview of the upcoming release. Just click play and check it out for the sake of YouTube inventions.


If you would like to pick up the mixtape, follow up with Tommy C on January 7th at:





Production Credits:
All vocals sung and arranged by Tommy C
All vocals mixed and engineered by Tommy C


Adam Ivy - http://www.youtube.com/AdamIvyTV
Nine Diamond - http://www.youtube.com/ninediamond
R&S Ent - http://www.youtube.com/randsec2009
Tim Adamek, Jonathan Shauf, and Earl Powell


Featured Artists: 
Lil Crazed - http://www.youtube.com/lilcrazed
J.Reyez - http://www.youtube.com/jreyez
Jargon - http://www.youtube.com/grind2five
Maribelle Anes - http://www.youtube.com/maribelleanes
Drama B - http://www.youtube.com/phantomrecordss
Derez - http://www.youtube.com/cityboyyy85021
Adda Angel - http://www.youtube.com/mynameisAdda



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