Timothy DeLaGhetto ALMOST DIES While Freestyling During Spicy One Chip Challenge

The premise of the One Chip Challenge is deliciously (if that’s your kind of thing) simple. An American company called Paqui has created The Carolina Reaper Chip, billed as ‘The World’s Hottest Chip’ – all you have to do is eat it and post a video or photographic ‘proof of your pain’ to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #OneChipChallenge.

The reason it might be painful is because in 2013, the Carolina Reaper was dubbed the hottest chili pepper in the world by Guinness World Records, so you know, it’s hot.

In this hilarious video challenge, Timothy DeLaGhetto showcases his freestyling ability after eating the chip.

Throughout his rap, you can see his face slowly turn red.


He begins to choke a bit and you can see the sweat slowly come in.

Towards the end of the rap, he’s literally in tears.

Here’s what he raps:

I eat the chip and Im doing just fine
Timothy my tastes buds you know that im Thai
Other YouTubers you need to retire.
Burned my tongue spittin’ that fire

I cough. I wheeze. I spit. I’m trippin
No I don’t need no milk no sippin’
Lactose intolerant. I got a dollar and…

Oh my god, Oh my god
Yo yo… I got the hiccups
Everybody get on the floor cuz yeah
This a stick up. Put your hands up
Ooh and stand up
Yeah, this what you wanna do right now
I am… Oh my god…ugh

If you want that freestyle, Don’t trip I got cha
I spit that hot flame Tapatio Sriracha
Wasabe. Yall might wanna stop me
But you can’t do this for a hobby
Big Tim on the track

I am so nice wit it
I don’t need no drink
I don’t need no ice wit it
My eyes are watering now
But i get your daughter and pow
Take her to the crib, chyeah

I ain’t cryin, you crying
I just want some coco
Yeah, That’s why i’m crying
I need some coco to sip on
My eyes are drippin
But its okay, i ain’t trippin, yeah…

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