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One very talented Asian American artist that has been making major moves goes by the name of Toestah. Recently, he joined up with Catch Adventures and collaborated with Joseph Vincent to do a remix of Till I’m Gone by Tinie Tempah and Wiz Khalifa. Check out the music video!

Check Toestah out

Directed, shot, & edited by DuNo Tran

Visit Joseph on his websites:

toestah joseph vincent wiz khalifa till im gone


They said they had a clue about me? not the slightest
The secret project that my team hadda keep private
See every track i touch turn gold now call midus
Yall know that half of it is luck, the rest is timing
Yea uh i do i do it till im on
& aint you heard i run my city
imma miss yall when im gone
w/ a peace sign, see ya later,
that means 2 shots of patron
take a shot just for my haters
and the other ones for my own.

and then we’ll party, we’ll party till the morning
& once them bottles coming, there aint no signs of it slowing
i said we boutta drink…
until we ON.
and so we’ll sip & sip & sip until its GONE yea!

I grew tired of the same then one night packed my things told the one I love
(I’ll be back one day)
Through the fight through the pain booked a flight took a plane told her not to cry
(I’ll be back one day)

Been dreamin’ this since I was young
so baby girl I’ll be goin’ till I’m gone gone, till I’m gone gone, Till I’m gone
But i won’t be gone for too long

i said im T-o. t t 0 e s t a h
lotta haters doubt i’d make it, imma leave it up to fate.
whether i come out on top, or a bottomless estate
i swear my grind is like no other, like its my only escape
thats why im on it, im on it like im planking
im callin’ all the shots, like im the only one commanding
demanding that my songs, in everyway come out banging’
stop sleeping on your boy , like all you haters need blankets
so come out & play, pour out another bottle,
lets do it all today, & worry bout it all tomorrow
i do it for the thrill i love the rush
cuz once i get it going i just cannot get enoughhhhh


3rd Bridge
i said im in it, im in it just to win it,
i told you we on top, its ya boy toest & joseph vincent
if you want it you can get it, this right here is not a gimmick
we gon’ push it to the limits so its sure you cant forget this x2


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