The Woman in the Septic Tank: Eugene Domingo Nominated Best Actress 6th Asian Film Awards

BEST FILM, BEST ACTRESS, BEST SCREENPLAY, DIRECTOR AND AUDIENCE CHOICE for a movie that’s called THE WOMAN IN THE SEPTIC TANK. The movie won all these awards at the 7th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. This obviously caught my interest.


The movie is about three overly ambitious but ill-judged indie      filmmakers. Believe that they have a winning script that will fulfill there Oscar and Cannes dreams. Already I am thinking, Inception.  It is a movie within a movie. Question is: How do you make an Oscar worthy film? Ah but of course like most filmmakers they know, they cling to Social Relevance. What else shows the real essence of a third world country. Chosen subject? “Poverty”. The filmmakers are on to finding the right film’s major location in Payatas, a slum area. Blinded by their Oscar and Cannes dreams, they see this urban poor community as a backdrop to their art.


They are so glued to the subject of poverty, with their decent lifestyles, that they seem at a lost about the real condition of the poor, as their extras. Their over-exuberant reaction to finding the perfect set is priceless. Another scene stealer was Eugene Domingo, whom the filmmakers have chosen as their lead actress to play the character Mila on their film. She brilliantly played a twisted version of herself, Domingo was a kick when amplifying the role of the overly-pampered product of mainstream media.



What essentially thickens the might be thinly plotted experience is its wit and exaggeration. It is thought-provoking, emotionally sweeping and well-timed. I found myself laughing out loud and almost to my tears at the same time. Tissue please.


With its comical approach, this movie isn’t just for movie-buffs but for everybody that appreciates entertainment value. As for the title, that’s one of the fun parts and I can’t let you in on that secret. In its extreme irony, the film became its official entry for the 2011 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.  The Woman in the Septic Tank earned two nominations for the upcoming 6th Asian Film Awards. Eugene Domingo for Best Actress and Chris Martinez for Best Screenwriter that will be held on March 19, 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Finally, a film that does a mockumentary on the trend of filmmakers predisposition for “poverty porn.” Good deeds, indeed.


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