The Wait is Over – Jackie Chan Confirms Rush Hour 4 Movie is Coming

The legendary Kung Fu actor, Jackie Chan, recently made a visit to the Bay Area, with a pitstop at Google in Mountain View, followed by the San Francisco Chronicle.

While at the SF Chronicle, Chan did a brief live Facebook video interview with Peter Hartlaub, a Chronicle Pop Culture Critic.

One Facebook live viewer asked Jackie Chan if there would be another Rush Hour movie. Chan confirmed to the fan that the script will be done next year and that he will be meeting with the Director and Chris Tucker to go over further details within the week.

the foreigner jackie chan

Further, in the interview, Chan discusses some of the early struggles he faced in acting due to the difficulties of learning English. When he wasn’t filming in the US, he continued his acting career in Asia, where he did many other successful films like ‘Rumble in the Bronx’.

Jackie Chan then details his current ambitions of becoming a Producer. Last but not least, he finishes with a mention of his upcoming film, The Foreigner, which releases in America on October 13th.

Check out the live interview:

Even though almost a decade has spanned between the release of the first Rush Hour and the third one, fans are still asking for a fourth sequel! Articles from Complex dating back to 2014 have been anticipating a sequel for years, as well as fans on Social Media:

We hope this movie will be what everyone’s been waiting for with the same mixture of kung-fu action and comedy that we’ve all come to love because, frankly, who doesn’t love a Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker combo?

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