*Disclosure: This post has explicit cultural terms that may involve instances of racial reference. Note that the motive for the use of these explicit cultural terms are for a progressive manner for the sake of women and men all around the world. Being the guinea pigs of global diversity, America is to blame for these incredibly honest opinions. Welcome to respectful freedom. Enjoy.


Ever wonder what Niga in NigaHiga’s name meant?

Everyone knows his true name is Ryan Higa, so where the hell did the niga come from? Ryan Higa isn’t Black, and even if he was, shouldn’t there be double “g’s” in it in respects to the African-American folks out there? Sorry to all the Black folks reading, but there needs to be clarification of this derogatory-ish name Ryan has given himself as a YouTube sensation. Or a YouTube Asian sensation that is.

So what’s the story?

One day I was at work developing a physical model for one of the buildings we were designing with one of my co-workers, and my boss Eugene was there. Being a Chinese American and a professor at a Southern China university, he was speaking on the phone with the dean about scheduling the classes he was going to teach. One thing led to another, and they sparked into an argument. Eugene was screaming the traditional Mandarin jibber-jabber and after every sentence he would scream:


My co-worker, being of Nordic-ancestry (White), hesitantly smiles and like a top on a boiling pot of water he just busts up in squeamish laughs.

I look up at him and say, “It means ‘this is‘.”

So now you know. Niga means “this is” in traditional Mandarin language, a term often confusing large groups of people, sending giggles to White people, opening the eyes of Black people, sending questions to the Brown folks and of course, creating inside jokes among the Yellow folks.

What’s interesting is that Ryan Higa is of Japanese descent (according to Wikipedia), but “niga” is a Chinese term. Maybe, a Chinese person gave him that name, “I dunno?” So what we can assure you of at this point is that this is a solid-logical-scientifically-proven-opinion. So Ryan, what does it really mean?

In the meantime,

Check out Ryan’s first ever video that has over 31 million views!

NigaHiga, aka Ryan Higa, now has 4,693,416 YouTube subscribers, that’s 1.5% of America! Be that lucky 4,693,417.

Check out and subscribe to NigaHiga’s YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga

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by Derick Lee | derick@jackfroot.com


  1. His video is stupid, corny, not funny, nerdy. I don’t think thay many pepople are watching it. He must of found a way to bump his number of views in you tube. Or it is some kind of error.

  2. Ryan has actually stated, and it’s even on his wiki page, that “niga” means something like “rant” in Japanese. So no, it has nothing to do with Chinese, and it is definitely not his “Chinese name”.

    Not to mention, it’s actually pronounced “Nuh ge” and means “that”, as in “that object”.

    • Donarichirasu ( 怒鳴り散らす ) means to rant in Japanese. Niga does not exist.
      Nigai is the closest thing, and that means bitter. Niga is not the right word either. In mandarin, Na Ge ( 哪个 ) means “um” or “this is/this one”.


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