After just 2 years of growth, Imperium has hit the fashion market by storm. Showing presence in multiple continents including South America, Asia, Europe and Australia and of course in North America. The steady support from their home base in the Bay Area, California sent them into the fashion and streetwear game soaring. With a close team, high ambition and the fresh scent of cotton - there is no doubt the IMPRM Click will burst beyond it's boundaries into the open world of fashion and streetwear. Their FALL 2011 line drops on the dot of October, so be sure to catch their website at on the 1st. 
Continue on reading for a exclusive interview with Rae of IMPRM. Much thanks to Justin and the rest of the IMPRM Click.

Life, Liberty, Weight – this is Imperium’s primary motto, tell us more about each one of these words.
This is definitely our motto. It basically stands for the freedom to do whatever it is we want to do in life without overlooking the sacrifices we have to make.

Tell us more about your designs, and how they resonate with the slogan, “Life, Liberty and Weight.”
Our designs are simple, strong and straight forward. No hidden meanings so people aren’t confused and they understand where we’re coming from right away. Also, I believe that there is a certain level of confidence required for our customers to wear our product. We aim to build that confidence if not remind them of what they already have.

We see Imperium is starting to heavily get into cutting-and-sewing, is this your guys next big step?
We’ve actually been developing our cut n sew line for a while now so I can’t really say that is our next big step. However we are constantly working on expanding our line. We hope to make accessories and whatever products we can brand accordingly. Another topic that always comes up in our meetings is opening a solid retail location. I can’t really speak too much about that at the moment, so we’ll just leave it at that… haha.

So whats the next move for Imperium, when will the next line drop?
Our next release is on October 1st entitled “A Call To Arms”. It is our Fall/Winter 2011 season. It is definitely one of our biggest releases to date. It should be a good look.

Where can we buy Imperium?

Interviews and written by Derick Lee | Jackfroot Editor


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