teddy rockspin ode to the viet bars


Teddy Rockspin is a well known and respected professional DJ from the Bay Area and has been known to rock massive events and parties from the Bay to LA and even locations in Hawaii, New York, and Las Vegas.


Music has always revolved around Teddy and lives in his heart. His style and genre in music is versatile and open format. Name him any type of song in any genre and he will play it. From weddings to bar mitzvahs to nightclubs, Teddy can do it all.


With his strong community support in San Jose, Teddy decided to dedicate his latest hip hop mix specifically to all of the local Vietnamese bars in his hometown. Check out the mix, download it and share it with your friends. Thanks for tuning in!


teddy rockspin ode to the viet bars



HYFR (Hell Yeah F#cking Right) – Drake ft Lil Wayne

Hands On The Wheel – SchoolBoy Q ft A$AP Rocky

Cashin’ Out Remix – Cash Out ft Akon, Fabolous, Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti

Ms. Money – Sadie Hawkins ft Cash Out

No Sticks No Seeds – Kid Ink

Round Of Applause Remix – Waka Flocka Flame ft Drake

I’m Out Here  – Dusty McFly ft Big Sean and Dom Kennedy

My Favorite Song – Wiz Khalifa ft Juicy J

Face Down – Meek Mill ft Trey Songz, Wale & DJ Sam Sneak

Lights Down Low – Bei Maejor

Biscayne Bay – Curren$y & Harry Fraud

Level Up – Sway ft Childish Gambino

Beau Monde – The Airplane Boys

Burn – Big Sean & Meek Mill

Theraflu – Kanye West ft DJ Khaled & DJ Pharris


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  1. This guy is a total poser.  You meet him in person and he grunts like a caveman in response.  Hey’s a tiny, little dude and just seems to be in it for the “scene” aspect.  Seriously, is spinning records and laying your ethnic background on top of it really a “talent”?  

    • dang Paaul.. judging by your comment, you’re the one who’s tiny. s’all good tho cuz we know little people like to make others feel little too. btw, it aint about spinning records, it’s about getting a room full of people to feel a certain way, together. take care.. hope life brings you back up to size.


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