Wong Fu’s Pilot picked up on Youtube Red

In June, Wong Fu Productions premiered a pilot for “Single by 30” starring Harry Shum Jr. and Kinna Grannis. “We teamed up with New Form Digital to create this pilot presentation, think of it like a test drive for an idea we had. Make it on a smaller scale, and if people like it, then there’s […]

Wong Fu Productions new short: The Catman Rises

Speaking on behalf of the staff and friends at Jackfroot, I would like to express our profound sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the victims and communities affected by the tragedy that took place over the early weekend. The senseless act that took place in that midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” was something that caught all of […]

YOMYOMF YouTube Network Promo Video launched

Check out this crazy epic launch promo video from You Offend Me You Offend My Family. The YOMYOMF YouTube Network came from months of preparation and planning from well respected film director Justin Lin, best known for his The Fast and the Furious franchise. It stars partner YouTubers KevJumba, Ryan Higa, and Chester See.   To make this video happen, a lot of celebrities […]

ISAtv: “Step By Step” pilot episode features Yuri Tag of Kaba Modern

The guys behind Wong Fu Productions have been busy adding more success on top of their film making careers. In a series of concerts, International Secret Agents (ISA) teamed up with Far East Movement, and featured some of the best Asian American talents out there. Supporting the opportunity to promote more Asian American talents in the mainstream,  the ISA brand expanded with ISAtv. […]

Tour Facebook And YouTube With Wong Fu Productions!

It’s an honor to be living in the Silicon Valley. Friends not from around these parts joke that I breath the same air as millionaires on the daily – especially around here!  Here in the Bay Area is where you’ll likely be impressed to know someone who works at Google. Scoring lunch dates at your buddy’s […]

Ryan Higa’s “Bromance” is #1 on iTunes Comedy!

The bond between a man and his fellow “bros” is something I have been intrigued about for years. Two or more dudes hanging out. Laughing together. Enjoying each other’s company. Hugging it out. Fighting it out and making up. The reality is this – men love each other. It’s a relationship that grows from spending […]

“Home is Where the Hans Are” – Episode 1

After much anticipation, the first episode of “Home is Where the Hans Are” is now live. Like we said before, without the internet, we probably wouldn’t see a “show” that focuses on the dynamics of Asian American family. Randall Park plays the lead role in this comedy series and after watching the episode, we must […]

Home:Word MV – Magnetic North & Taiyo Na

Dedicated to our families. Like the mother and daughter, we all have those moments where we neglect our parents. Too busy living our own lives, we often forget that on the other side our parents are working hard and have struggled to give us as good a life as they can. Like the son, pressures […]