So You Want To Be A Kung Fu Master Huh…..

You know what’s awesome? Kung Fu. You know what’s even more awesome? Kung Fu movies. Let’s face it, none of us reading or writing this article is going to become Kung Fu masters anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop us from watching someone else become a Kung Fu master in two to three hours. What’s […]

The Phoenix of PRIDE Part 2: Land of the Rising Sun

In the first part of this series, we covered the smaller organization that arose out of the ashes of PRIDE Fighting Championships. Many of you probably noted that all of the organizations mentioned existed outside of Japan, with few or none of the former powerheads of PRIDE on their boards. In this series, we’ll take […]

Nam Phan wins UFC 136.

Nam Phan wins UFC 136 in an electrifying decision over Leonard Garcia. The fight took place in Houston, Texas and all three judges declared that Nam was the winner by unanimous decision. In the beginning of the fight Nam wanted to touch gloves but Garcia laughed at him and called him an unfitting name. As […]

UFC Featherweight Nam Phan: Underground Original

We recently came across this mini-documentary on Vietnamese UFC fighter Nam Phan that sums up his past, present and future. We have been following Nam Phan’s career for quite some time now. This documentary helped open our eyes into his world and it’s definitely inspiring. Press play to check it out and let us know […]

Nam Phan Robbed in UFC Debut

Can an Asian brother get some love in sports? Nam Phan, a first generation Vietnamese-American, is an up and coming MMA fighter that’s out to build a reputation and make a name for himself. Recently, Phan had his first debut in the UFC to fight in the octagon. This fight had to be one of […]