These 4 Asian Youtubers Bought Houses for Their Parents

It’s not an easy feat to pay off a home mortgage, especially when home buying is becoming a financial hurdle for most millennials. While an average person typically takes a lifetime to pay off one mortgage, these famous Youtuber’s were blessed enough to turn their hobbies into full-time income, with the opportunity to give one of […]

Timothy Delaghetto stars in The Pizza Joint

Timothy DeLaGhetto is currently in Houston filming a new indie comedy, The Pizza Joint, alongside Anthony Guajardo, Franco Vega, Noel G., & Robert LaSardo. In the town of Greensville, where Cannabis is recently legal, Thomas (Timothy Delaghetto) and Anthony (Anthony Guajardo) run the best pizza joint in town, Phu-King Pizza! They have a deal in place with […]

Put Her In The Mood by Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto is back with another hilarious skit. In the latest sketch called “Put Her In The Mood”, Tim tries to put his date, the lovely Arika Sato,  in the romantic mood with the help of American Idol star Andrew Garcia. Press play to see if his methods work! Enjoy.

Traphik – C.H.I.A (Official Music Video)

Timothy DelaGhetto A.K.A Traphik comes with a new song dedicated to his girlfriend. C.H.I.A (Chillin Here In the Atmosphere) is his first single off his new album which will be available soon for free at This video is Directed by Pedro Flores The beat is produced by Majestic Drama Here are the Lyrics: Now […]

Timothy Delaghetto – Dude, Your D*ck is so Shiny!

Timothy Delaghetto is back with a new hilarious short. This video is an infomercial parody advertising the product Dickzema, a lotion that promises to keep your d*ck super shiny. Enjoy! Also check out Timothy Delaghetto, Ricky Shucks, and PDFLO’s new cartoon: POWERHOUSE: SUBSCRIBE to ANIMONSTER: Co-Starring Rick: & Omar from Station2!

Kung Fu Pimp Slap by Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto is back with another funny skit, this time, he takes on some bad ass ninjas who kidnap the emperor’s daughter. With the comedic help of Rick Shucks and Sam Macaroni and some cool visual effects, this is a definite must see video. We’re glad that Tim is upping his production value on his […]

My Other Head by Timothy DeLaGhetto

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Perfect comedic relief for turkey day: Timothy DeLaGhetto shows us his new head! Pretty cool head I’d say, definitely Jackfroot approved. He’s right on the greasiness though. Virgin, can you make us a Jackfroot bust? Like Jackfroot, your Asian American Entertainment hub on Facebook. Follow Jackfroot, your Asian American Entertainment one-stop-shop on Twitter. […]