Sarah Geronimo Making History in the Twitter World!

  If you’re on Twitter, then you must be in wonderland right now,asking yourself what “Sarah G. Day” was all about. American Idol alumnus, Stefano Langone, couldn’t help but asked on Facebook: “What is Sarah G. Day? Remained no. 1 trending on twitter. don’t have any idea about it??”       “Sarah G. Day”, was […]

Help Bring Sarah Geronimo to the United States

Jackfroot, an online media and entertainment website, is rapidly growing with new viewers and fans everyday. The staff behind Jackfroot wants to  do our part in helping other artists and entertainers all around the world reach new goals and heights in their careers. One artist that the we’ve  been following and keeping an eye on […]

Sarah Geronimo Sings Love On Top SOS

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Geronimo by now, then you’re missing out on a talented star on the rise. Some of you might have heard about her being labeled as the ‘Filipino Beyonce’. Earlier this year, she released a video of her amazing performance singing Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce and hit […]

Rumor Has It by Sarah Geronimo (Sarah OnStage)

She’s got the dancing moves, the singing voice, and the beautiful looks to die for. Check out this live performance where Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson perform Rumor Has It by Adele in the latest Sarah OnStage. This is part of the promotion for their movie, Won’t Last A Day Without You. This talented singer/actress […]

Born This Way by Sarah Geronimo (Lady Gaga Cover)

You might have seen  other videos on our website with Sarah Geronimo in it, but wait ’til you see this one. The one and only Popstar Princess from the Philippines does it again in this hit performance by Lady Gaga’s hit song, Born This Way. This video demonstrates that Sarah can sing and dance like […]

California King Bed – Sarah Geronimo Cover

The Popstar Princess is back with another hit live performance where she sings one of Rihanna’s hot song California King Bed. In this performance, Sarah Geronimo proves she can hit all the high notes and the lows. With her charming good looks and great singing voice, Sarah is definitely an international superstar and deserves world […]

Sarah Geronimo Dances, Raps, and Sings Super Bass

The one and the only Popstar Princess from the Philippines does it again in this magnificent performance of Super Bass by Nickie Minaj. This isn’t just your type of live singing performance from the talented superstar you normally see. In this two thumbs up performance, Sarah showcases that she can do it all. There aren’t […]

Someone Like You by Sarah Geronimo (Adele Cover

One of the most played songs in America right now that is touching the hearts of millions would have to be ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele. This track is all over the radios and has reached top charts all over the country. Sarah Geronimo does her cover of this hit song and shows that she […]

Sarah Geronimo – Teach Me How To Dougie [SOS]

One of the hottest songs from 2010 that came with a popular dance move would have to be “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District. This some was very catchy and got everyone singing and dancing along to it. It’s a fairly simple dance that most people can learn. However, the Philippines Popstar […]