Ryan Higa on The Olympics

Another hilarious video from Ryan Higa on The Olympics. He touches on some real life criticism one may find if they decline to join in the “Watching the Olympics” bandwagon. Enjoy:   [youtube id=”0GmfIsOLJ6k” width=”619″ height=”315″]   Check out more of Jackfroot’s coverage of Ryan here. Subscribe to his Nigahiga YouTube channel here.  

YOMYOMF YouTube Network Promo Video launched

Check out this crazy epic launch promo video from You Offend Me You Offend My Family. The YOMYOMF YouTube Network came from months of preparation and planning from well respected film director Justin Lin, best known for his The Fast and the Furious franchise. It stars partner YouTubers KevJumba, Ryan Higa, and Chester See.   To make this video happen, a lot of celebrities […]

Niga Higa’s Avengerz: “The Avengers” Spoof

If you’re a comic aficionado or an ordinary moviegoer like myself, you recently took part in the block office record of the biggest opening weekend of all time for Disney’s The Avengers. The smashing film brings together some of Hollywood’s finest and reunites them on the big screens playing their superhero characters as they appeared in Marvel Comics. This […]

Ryan Higa’s “Bromance” is #1 on iTunes Comedy!

The bond between a man and his fellow “bros” is something I have been intrigued about for years. Two or more dudes hanging out. Laughing together. Enjoying each other’s company. Hugging it out. Fighting it out and making up. The reality is this – men love each other. It’s a relationship that grows from spending […]

2012: End of the World by NigaHiga

How many times have you heard someone say, “The world is going to end in 2012!”? In this new video, Ryan Higa addresses the rumors and does it in yet another ridiculous but funny way. Plus, Sean is back! Long time viewers of NigaHiga will definitely be pleased with the comeback of Sean Fujiyoshi, NigaHiga’s long time partner […]

Things That Ruin Thanksgiving by NigaHiga

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hahahha, perfect Thanksgiving video. Make sure you pull off one of these things at the dinner table tonight everyone! Big props to NigaHiga for the holiday post, much appreciated. Happy Holidays and Happy Thanksgiving from Jackfroot.com and NigaHiga! Special thanks to: Dtrix http://www.youtube.com/thedominicshow Chester Http://www.youtube.com/chestersee Sheri Grant John http://www.facebook.com/higatv http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga http://www.youtube.com/higatv Like Jackfroot, […]

The Niga in NigaHiga

*Disclosure: This post has explicit cultural terms that may involve instances of racial reference. Note that the motive for the use of these explicit cultural terms are for a progressive manner for the sake of women and men all around the world. Being the guinea pigs of global diversity, America is to blame for these […]

Acknowledge Me! Jin Disses All The YouTube Stars!

While we were on Twitter today, we saw a tweet from our friend D-Pryde stating that he got dissed by the one and only Jin! Wait a minute…! Jin the MC?! Quickly this caught our attention and we went to watch it immediately. Jin states in his video that these lyrics were written in about […]

Off The Pill – Feminist by NigaHiga

The world is all about equality right? Not as much as we would like to think. However, it’s important that we all treat each other as equals regardless of race and gender. Check out this new video from NigaHiga called “Feminist” as he breaks it down in his own perspective. Funny stuff as usual from […]

Nice Guys by NigaHiga & KevJumba

Two losers take a “how to pick up girls” class and realize that Nice Guys finish last which results in the ultimate douches. Nice guys finish last! It’s a fact! We’ve all been that nice guy at one point or another. This short musical film created by NigaHiga & KevJumba humorously displays how you should […]