Kollaboration: Empowerment Through Entertainment

Kollaboration started out as an idea to provide a platform for young Asian and Pacific Islander artists to showcase their talents. What began with a single show in Los Angeles to pilot the movement has now grown to annual talent shows in 14 cities in North America spanning from Honolulu to Chicago to New York. […]

(Asian) America’s Best Dance Crew

Awwwwww yeahhh! Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) is back for season 7!   [youtube id=”ur94doK3lqs” width=”619″ height=”315″]   Take a look at the list of ABDC champions below and tell me if you see what I see. Collectively, all of the season’s winners have significant Asian American representation across the board. Nearly every […]

Ryan Higa’s “Bromance” is #1 on iTunes Comedy!

The bond between a man and his fellow “bros” is something I have been intrigued about for years. Two or more dudes hanging out. Laughing together. Enjoying each other’s company. Hugging it out. Fighting it out and making up. The reality is this – men love each other. It’s a relationship that grows from spending […]

LMFAO featuring Quest Crew on SYTYCD

Quest Crew are still grinding and doing what they love and that’s dancing. They recently performed with LMFAO on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” as they danced to the hit “Party Rock Anthem“. As you can see, the boys still got the skills that won them the crown on American Best Dance Crew […]

Mcdonald’s Commercial feat. Victor Kim & Yuri Tag

More Asian faces in commercials? You know Jackfroot loves that! This time around, we got Victor Kim from Quest Crew and Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern showing off their dance skills in this commercial for Mcdonald’s new strawberry lemonade slush. Three to four years ago, you might have seen one Asian person in a commercial […]

Quest Crew – AIRSTRIKE!

Check out this action packed dance performance set called AIRSTRIKE! Performed live in Melbourne, Australia, Quest Crew showed the world their true talents and how they can launch a very big assault anywhere they go. From flips and freezes to popping and locking, this dance crew surely does it all. Check it out!

Why Quest Crew is Number 1

Before becoming MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 3, Quest Crew’s energy and charisma captured the attention of audiences with their numerous crew and individual performances on American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance? On ABDC, they entertained their way into the homes and hearts of America, leading to a whirlwind of appearances […]