Ryan Higa on The Olympics

Another hilarious video from Ryan Higa on The Olympics. He touches on some real life criticism one may find if they decline to join in the “Watching the Olympics” bandwagon. Enjoy:   [youtube id=”0GmfIsOLJ6k” width=”619″ height=”315″]   Check out more of Jackfroot’s coverage of Ryan here. Subscribe to his Nigahiga YouTube channel here.  

Niga Higa’s Avengerz: “The Avengers” Spoof

If you’re a comic aficionado or an ordinary moviegoer like myself, you recently took part in the block office record of the biggest opening weekend of all time for Disney’s The Avengers. The smashing film brings together some of Hollywood’s finest and reunites them on the big screens playing their superhero characters as they appeared in Marvel Comics. This […]

How to Get 5 Million YouTube Subscribers

Ever recorded yourself and posted it on YouTube?! What are the chances out of millions of videos that are uploaded each month that your video will become an instant viral video? Dig through the millions of videos uploaded monthly to the most popular video sharing website ever and you’re bound to come across the most subscribed YouTube channel of […]

2012: End of the World by NigaHiga

How many times have you heard someone say, “The world is going to end in 2012!”? In this new video, Ryan Higa addresses the rumors and does it in yet another ridiculous but funny way. Plus, Sean is back! Long time viewers of NigaHiga will definitely be pleased with the comeback of Sean Fujiyoshi, NigaHiga’s long time partner […]

Things That Ruin Thanksgiving by NigaHiga

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hahahha, perfect Thanksgiving video. Make sure you pull off one of these things at the dinner table tonight everyone! Big props to NigaHiga for the holiday post, much appreciated. Happy Holidays and Happy Thanksgiving from Jackfroot.com and NigaHiga! Special thanks to: Dtrix http://www.youtube.com/thedominicshow Chester Http://www.youtube.com/chestersee Sheri Grant John http://www.facebook.com/higatv http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga http://www.youtube.com/higatv Like Jackfroot, […]

The Niga in NigaHiga

*Disclosure: This post has explicit cultural terms that may involve instances of racial reference. Note that the motive for the use of these explicit cultural terms are for a progressive manner for the sake of women and men all around the world. Being the guinea pigs of global diversity, America is to blame for these […]

Dear Ryan – Extreme

Take a look at Niga Higa’s recent video called Dear Ryan – Extreme where Ryan takes a question from his YouTube channel and creates the theme for his video off of the question. For this video, a fan asked, “Dear Ryan, can you be extreme?”. The video features cameos from Quest Crew members DTrix and Victor […]

Movies In Minutes – Never Say Never by Niga Higa

Check out Mr. YouTube himself Niga Higa and his latest spoof of Justin Bieber’s new movie, Never Say Never, directed by Jon M Chu. In this video, he plays the role of Rustin Hieber as the camera follows him around to see his incredible life. Niga Higa states, “PS. This wasn’t made out of hate. Why hate […]