What is This? Giant Hairy Creature Surfaces Philippines Beach

A gigantic hairy mysterious creature has washed up on a shore in the Philippines. Shocked locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to look at the huge monster-like creature and shoot selfies with it. The enormous white hairy creature is believed to have come from a recent quake. Several uncommon sea creatures happen to be washing […]

Nintendo Sues Japanese Go-Kart Company Over Copyright Infringement

Nintendo, the company that created the world famous Super Mario video game, filed a lawsuit recently claiming that a go-karting company stole ideas straight from their Mario Kart game. The company’s name is MariCar, which provides go-karting tours for tourists in the city. Customers would also dress up in Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. This […]

Disney’s New Mulan Live-Action Remake Director is Niki Caro

Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Mulan now has a new director and her name is Niki Caro. You might not be too familiar with her, but she’s quickly rising the Hollywood hierarchy. Some of her big movie projects include Whale Rider (2002) and also the upcoming film The Zookeeper’s House. Her new position in the helm of Mulan will make her the fifth […]

12 Milk Tea Boba Spots You Must Try in Socal

In the past decade, popular drink and dessert shops that serve boba and milk tea have been popping up all over the world, especially in California. Some of these shops are growing in popularity due to their unique names, creative drink flavors and even the presentation of their drinks/bottles. We decided to list the top 10 boba […]