Earlier this week, I was sadden by the announcement that Jeremy Lin’s knee injury required surgery to repair, and significantly will take weeks to heal:   [youtube id=”8BzlcLav57Q” width=”619″ height=”375″]   With the 2012 NBA playoffs fast approaching at the end of the month, I felt fans going through a grieving process of denial and […]

NBA, We Would Like To Introduce Jet Chang

  We’re all familiar with the names Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, and Yi Jianlian. Now it’s time we introduce you to Tsung-Hsien Chang, aka Jet Chang, the 6-4 shooting guard from BYU-Hawaii. Nicknamed Jet due to his quick moves and high flying acrobatics, Chang has created quite a buzz for himself after a stellar year in […]

The Trials and Tribulations of Jeremy Lin

  To say that Jeremy Lin’s road to and through the NBA has been a bumpy ride would be an understatement. Facing stereotypes and racism during his collegiate career while playing under the radar at Harvard University, he somehow emerged from the pack and was able to land himself into the league that millions could […]

Jeremy Lin Lockout Highlights

Just because there WAS a lockout, doesn’t mean Jeremy Lin wasn’t hooping it up! Check out these sick highlights of J.Lin tearing it up on the courts this past summer against fellow NBA players. Highlights include several deep 3-pointers, nice alley-opps, and some sick dunks. Who said Asians can’t ball? Not us! Press play to […]

Always On (Nike Ad) featuring Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is heating up the internet scene lately and we’re here to show you more with this ad we recently spotted from Nike featuring none other than J.Lin himself. The ad was shown on tv in Taiwan and China and it’s the first time an Asian American NBA player was the main feature in […]

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress Custom Made by Vera Wang

To say Vera Wang is the most sought out designer for celebrity wedding dresses would be an understatement. As an Asian American fashion designer from New York and former figure skater, Vera has designed several wedding dresses for high profile celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and most recently the beautiful Kim Kardashian. […]

What’s Jeremy Lin Been Up To?

After bouncing back and forth between the NBA and NBDL (National Basketball Development League) last season, Jeremy Lin is ready to show the NBA what he’s really got  and he’s putting in a lot of hard work to do so. Last season, Jeremy Lin was not a focal point in the Warriors offense. Often times […]

Jeremy Lin 2010-2011 Mid-Season Highlights

It’s been a wild ride for Golden State Warrior rookie Jeremy Lin, but it’s still great to see an Asian American player in the NBA. He’s been tossed back and forth between the NBA and the D-League. Yet, despite all the adversity, Lin has been able to take it in stride and make the most […]

J. Lin Recalled Back To The NBA

Our fellow Asian American baller, Jeremy Lin aka J.Lin,  has recently been called back to the NBA by the Golden State Warriors. J. Lin has been playing in the D-League these past few weeks and even won Player of the Week honors while playing for the Reno Bighorns. The Warriors called upon his services due […]

Jeremy Lin Named Player of the Week

Golden State Warrior, Jeremy Lin, who was recently re-assigned to the Reno Bighorns, was recently voted the D-League’s Player of the week.  Lin put on an impressive performance this past week averaging 20.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 5.0 assists and 2.8 steals. Receiving only limited minutes with the Warriors this season, Lin has shown flashes of being a very […]