Gangnam Style Mom

I will place a sure bet that this umma (Korean for “mom”) in the video below  can battle your mom at the now – globally popular  - Gangnam Style Dance anytime. Much props to Mrs.Song ( who is 60 years old respectively), for generously passing down her mad dance skills and talents onto her son, Mike Song. […]

Mike Song “Skrillex – First of the Year”

Here’s another kick-ass video of Mike Song with his 1/2 choreography 1/2 freestyle moves (around 1:28). He picks an isolated alley to lay down his mat and kills it! Take advantage of the repeat button if you’re trying to rehearse some moves yourself!   [youtube id=”HkzijBH0ee8″ width=”619″ height=”375″]   Check out his previous Skrillex routine here.   FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

Mike Song “Nero and Skrillex – Promises” Dubstep Dance

Some of you might recognize Mike Song who appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew  (Season 1) as one of the 6 dance group members who originated from Irvine, California to represent Kaba Modern. He was busy last year (2011) performing alongside ABDC’s worldly recognized winners Jabbawockeez in Las Vegas and just finished working as an Assistant Choreographer […]