YOMYOMF YouTube Network Promo Video launched

Check out this crazy epic launch promo video from You Offend Me You Offend My Family. The YOMYOMF YouTube Network came from months of preparation and planning from well respected film director Justin Lin, best known for his The Fast and the Furious franchise. It stars partner YouTubers KevJumba, Ryan Higa, and Chester See.   To make this video happen, a lot of celebrities […]

KevJumba Describes a True Friend

  KevJumba gets personal once again with his life philosophy and words of wisdom. In this episode, Jumba describes a true friend, comments on what he thinks of Facebook friends and shares with us some other hella sweet friendship gestural actions.   For those who don’t know what hella means, it’s a term coined from […]

Ho Ho Ho by KevJumba

  We think KevJumba and the YTF crew including JRA, Andrew Garcia and the rest of the folks are addicted to this term, because this is yet another rendition of the You’za Ho, Ho, Ho saga. Listen to this version that KevJumba has created for his channel. Check out the full version of the song […]

Top 10 Subscribed Asian American YouTube Channels

Since mainstream media has made it their duty to give Asian American entertainers the cold shoulder through out all these years, aspiring stars turned YouTube into their own Hollywood and now Asians dominate the YouTube realm. If it weren’t for YouTube, a lot of these online “celebrities” wouldn’t have received the opportunity to let their […]

Friend Zone by KevJumba ft. Jamie Chung

“I think that we should just be friends.” – Jamie Chung Wait a minute! Is that really Jamie Chung and KevJumba in the same video?! Yes it is, and she is looking extra hot! KevJumba is definitely getting closer and closer to Hollywood and is showing that anyone can do it. In this video titled, […]

Rise of the YouTube Stars! VOTE NOW!

Since the dawn of YouTube, Asian Americans have finally found an outlet to express themselves without the restrictions of corporate America. To date, the number 1 subscribed YouTube channel happens to be NigaHiga who is Asian American himself, and he’s not the only popular Asian on YouTube either. Fellow popular peers include KevJumba, Timothy DeLaGhetto […]

KevJumba on “Confidence”

Hahaha! Hilarious video of KevJumba on CONFIDENCE! With much talent, jokes and charisma…alone… in his room….. no wonder this guy has so many followers on YouTube. This guy is stepping up the game for Asian-American comedians and Jackfroot is damn proud of it! Keep on doing what you’re doing KevJumba and we will be seeing […]

The Screen Test by Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions is at it again with another funny skit featuring YouTube celebs Kevin Wu aka KevJumba, David Choi, Harry Shum Jr, Chris Dinh and Cathy Nguyen. Press play to check out the hilarious antics as Wong Fu Productions shows you why “Casting” the right person is always important! FEATURING Kevin Wu: http://youtube.com/kevjumba Chris Dinh: http://twitter.com/chrisdinh […]

Wingman by KevJumba feat. Justin Chon

Here’s the new hillarious video from KevJumba entitled “Wingman” featuring Twilight guy Justin Chon. It’s a quick skit showing you HOW NOT to act when being a wingman. We’re sure every guy here understands what it takes to be a wingman for their boys. However, not every guy can play the role of wingman and […]

Nice Guys by NigaHiga & KevJumba

Two losers take a “how to pick up girls” class and realize that Nice Guys finish last which results in the ultimate douches. Nice guys finish last! It’s a fact! We’ve all been that nice guy at one point or another. This short musical film created by NigaHiga & KevJumba humorously displays how you should […]