Gangnam Style Mom

I will place a sure bet that this umma (Korean for “mom”) in the video below  can battle your mom at the now – globally popular  - Gangnam Style Dance anytime. Much props to Mrs.Song ( who is 60 years old respectively), for generously passing down her mad dance skills and talents onto her son, Mike Song. […]

ISAtv: “Step By Step” pilot episode features Yuri Tag of Kaba Modern

The guys behind Wong Fu Productions have been busy adding more success on top of their film making careers. In a series of concerts, International Secret Agents (ISA) teamed up with Far East Movement, and featured some of the best Asian American talents out there. Supporting the opportunity to promote more Asian American talents in the mainstream,  the ISA brand expanded with ISAtv. […]

First Asian Youtuber by JustKidding Films

Who did the Asian Accent first on Youtube? Shot in Sydney, Australia. Special Thanks: My Chonny: Poreotics: Joseph Vincent: Yo Mama Crew Victor Kim: Anthony Lee: Lawrence Kao from Kaba Modern: FOLLOW US: FRIEND US: OUR WEBSITE: JustKiddingFilms

Mcdonald’s Commercial feat. Victor Kim & Yuri Tag

More Asian faces in commercials? You know Jackfroot loves that! This time around, we got Victor Kim from Quest Crew and Yuri Tag from Kaba Modern showing off their dance skills in this commercial for Mcdonald’s new strawberry lemonade slush. Three to four years ago, you might have seen one Asian person in a commercial […]