Jeremy Lin – The Offseason Ep.2

What has Jeremy Lin been up to this summer since recently signing with the Houston Rockets? Well, just signing more multi-million dollar contracts and endorsements. No biggie. You know, starring in car commercials, training hard core, playing some “put-put” as he mentions (miniature golf), and oh yeah… We can’t forget to mention playing some Dance Dance Revolution – probably […]


Earlier this week, I was sadden by the announcement that Jeremy Lin’s knee injury required surgery to repair, and significantly will take weeks to heal:   [youtube id=”8BzlcLav57Q” width=”619″ height=”375″]   With the 2012 NBA playoffs fast approaching at the end of the month, I felt fans going through a grieving process of denial and […]

Jeremy Lin – Superior Lintellect

See I can waste my time and type and generate a politically correct disclaimer but I really don’t care what anyone says, this video is straight comedy. Hilarious in every way. Click play and enjoy the laughs. Follow Studio64 on Twitter and Facebook!! SUBSCRIBE to Studio64 Created by: Lawrence Kao Kunal […]

“Linsanity” – Tired of it all?!

You ever get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again because it gets played out after everyone and everybody is talking about the same old thing? What was once a hot topic becomes yesterday’s news? Kind of like a hot track that gets overly played on the radio. It just starts to […]

Jeremy Lin Added To All-Star Event

Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks point guard, was added on Thursday to the roster of players for the upcoming All-Star event on February 24th.   After Lin scored 136 points in his first five starting games, the NBA had no choice but to add him onto the roster after the pool of 18 players were […]