This World Champion Sumo Eats 10,000 Calories a Day!

Sumo World Champion Byamba consumes an average of 10,000 calories a day. 1984, Mongolian-born 6’1″, 360 lbs 4-time World Sumo Champion 5 years Pro Sumo Experience Mongolian Junior Champion in: – Judo – Sambo – Mongolian wrestling Pro sumo fighting name: Daishochi Team: Shibatayama-beya Years active: 2001 – 2005 2013 World Combat Games Champion 2009 […]

What The Japanese Think Of Japanese Porn

Asian Boss digs deep in the topic of Porn and gets a better perspective on what the Japanese people think about porn. They ask questions like if they have ever viewed porn and how much it would take for them to star in one. One client said at least $20,000 and another said $100,000.

New Era WM-01 “Elephant/Cement Print”

New Era introduces an “Elephant Print” version of its train cap the WM-01. Very different than the usual baseball offerings we see from New Era but this piece is extremely dope, definitely going to try to get my hands on it. Available in either gray (pictured) or black, you can buy this at New Era […]

The Phoenix of PRIDE Part 2: Land of the Rising Sun

In the first part of this series, we covered the smaller organization that arose out of the ashes of PRIDE Fighting Championships. Many of you probably noted that all of the organizations mentioned existed outside of Japan, with few or none of the former powerheads of PRIDE on their boards. In this series, we’ll take […]

Uniqlo Undercover Spring Summer 2012 “UU” Capsule Collection Lookbook

Early this past summer, Uniqlo announced a collaboration with UNDERCOVER. Following that announcement, UNDERCOVER and Uniqlo has stayed true to their word and have released the 2012 Spring Summer “UU” Capsule Collection. Styles and designs range from patterned florals to horizontal stripes. Geared towards a family-friendly arrange of seasonal style, the pieces offer a timeless […]

Visvim Spring/Summer 2012 “Japanism” Collection

The Visvim Spring/Summer 2012 “Japanism” Collection, takes inspiration from its own country and traditions. The Japanese brand doesn’t cease to impress, this season showing an array of special textiles, patterned and washed a like. Also adding their own eccentric flavor to the textiles spicing it with their own unique appearance. In this Preview of the […]