Top 5 Things That Inspires J.Reyez

Everyone in the world will always need some type of inspiration and creativity to keep their passion and drive alive. We recently caught up with J.Reyez, a talented Korean artist from Canada, to find out what some things are that inspires him as an artist. Check out the list of 5 top things that inspires […]

On The Throne by J.Reyez featuring Toestah

J. Reyez is at it again with another sick song featuring our man Toestah called “On My Throne”. The beat and lyrics are on point and the collaboration between J. Reyez and Toestah is something we can get use to. You can get this track off of J.Reyez’s new mixtape “Broken Heart” available for download […]

Have it All by J. Reyez

For all you aspiring artists out there, please take notes from J. Reyez. He’s one of the hardest workers and grinders in the music game that we know. Constantly elevating his style and sound, he’s an artist that’s ready to blow at any moment. We recently got a hold of his new track “Have it […]

Try Again Music Video by J.Reyez

J.Reyez has always been known for dropping music that inspires and motivates others to reach high for the sky. From the Broken Heart mixtape, J.Reyez drops a music video for the hot track, Try Again. When the going gets tough, don’t give up. Try again! “If we don’t make it to the top, we gon’ […]

My Reason by Tommy C ft. J.Reyez & Jargon

You can always count on Tommy C and J.Reyez to make a hit when they collaborate on a song together. This stays true with Tommy C’s new song called “My Reason” featuring J.Reyez and Jargon. With a cool uptempo beat and catchy hook, this song definitely needs to be added to your iPod playlist. Press […]

Everything by J. Reyez

Jackfroot brings you some more exclusive music! Check out J. Reyez‘s new track “Everything” off his upcoming mixtape called “Broken Heart“. J. Reyez comes strong on the track once again and continues to show us that he’s one of the biggest hustlers in the game right now. Press play to check out the song and […]

Chiggas In Paris by J.Reyez & Tycoon

J.Reyez makes a statement with his new remix of Niggas in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West. In this track, Chiggas In Paris, J.Reyez and Tycoon drop some hot raps to this dope beat. In this video, J.Reyez states that Asians can rap and that he’s doing it. Check it out! Download Song: Please […]

J.Reyez – Good Good Night (Remix)

Whoa! J. Reyez is going hard on this remix for “Good Good Night“. We’re definitely feeling his uptempo flow as we are noticing growth in J.Reyez’s lyrics and sound. Glad to see him constantly trying to evolve and grow as a hip hop artist. Press play to check out the remix of the song and […]

Work Hard Music Video by J.Reyez

Directed by: Tom Antos, J.Reyez Beat Produced by: J.Reyez Work Hard now available on iTunes! Lyrics: (verse 1) let me tell y’all the story of my life, get to know about my passion always dreamt big and I turned it to an action wondering where I could be in a couple years assemble a […]

Headlines (Drake) Remix by J.Reyez & Toestah

Check out this remix to Drake‘s hot song “Headlines” performed by J.Reyez and Toestah. These two rising artists kill it on this track as they show off their skills. A J.Reyez and Toestah collaboration is something we can get use to as they both possess two unique styles that create a nice sound. Press play […]

My Life In Contrast Mixtape Preview by J.Reyez

We got an exclusive preview of J.Reyez’s new mixtape entitlted “My Life In Contrast” that is supposedly releasing in September. From the snippets we’ve heard, it sounds like a good collection of songs and we’re excited to hear what J.Reyez has in store. Press the play button to hear the sneak preview and let us […]