Why Rich Chigga Changed His Name to Brian

Why did Rich Chigga recently change his rap name? On January 1st, Rich Chigga came out and announced that he officially is leaving behind his rap name and going with ”Brian”. What he posted on Instagram: Yes I now go by “Rich Brian”. I have been planning to do this forever and I’m so happy […]

Meet Str8Jacket – Bay Area’s Rising Dance Crew

Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Str8jacket Dance Company is making a lot of noise and turning heads. They are a rising hip hop dance team that strives to challenge the standards of hip hop dance while still preserving the culture and roots. Their goal is to keep the doors open to anyone […]
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Fan Recreates McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Recipe

Youtuber JP Lambiase of HeLLthy Junk Food set out to recreate the coveted McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce made famous by Rick and Morty by cross-referencing an original sample of the sauce from 1998. And we are extremely thankful since many of us were not able to try the sauce ourselves! McDonald underestimated the demand for their sauce, […]

Following the Footsteps of Kanye – Goes From a Broken Jaw to Award-Winning International Hip Hop Artist

You’ve probably never heard of this Queens native, Brooklyn Tech alumni before. She’s a Taiwanese-American artist that’s making waves overseas in Taiwan. With the release of her Mandarin debut album Knock Out, she’s won “Best New Artist” at the 24th Annual Golden Melody Awards (2013), an event in Taiwan held in high regards comparable to that […]

Meet Esa Fung, Toronto’s Rising Social Media Star

With the rise of social media, many people have created a name for themselves and built a career path using social media platforms like Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. We took some time to connect with Esa Fung, Toronto’s rising social media influencer that has taken a non-traditional career path. Fung has created many Vine and […]

Interview: Meet Alan Z – The New Mr. Steal Yo Girl

The music industry is constantly emerging with new talented stars. Alan Z is a fast-rising musical triple-threat star that’s making a lot of noise from Atlanta. Not only does he sing and rap, but he writes radio-friendly songs as easily as he does battle rap bars. With the release of his new EP “First Time’s […]

These 4 Asian Youtubers Bought Houses for Their Parents

It’s not an easy feat to pay off a home mortgage, especially when home buying is becoming a financial hurdle for most millennials. While an average person typically takes a lifetime to pay off one mortgage, these famous Youtuber’s were blessed enough to turn their hobbies into full-time income, with the opportunity to give one of […]