Check out an English cover of Taeyang’s popular song, “Where U At.” On this version is J.Reyez and Tommy C. Feel free to download the song below and read the lyrics to sing along!

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Tommy C of IBU:

(Verse 1)
You know that Seoul is in my blood, and I been there and back
All across world and I’m trying to find out where you at
I don’t know if it’s destiny, if we were even meant to be
But I know that I gotta find you, time is always testing me
I don’t even know your name but I can see it in your eyes
And You’re on my mind like all the time but I gotta stay on my grind
And I been losing focus, afraid but feeling right
And I gotta hurry, it’s getting blurry, you’re fading out of sight
And time is flying by with a blink of an eye
And you just gotta let me know, what you’re feeling inside
And it’s about what you define and you’re shining within
Tell me the time and when, girl I’ll find you again

I just want to know if u down,
Where u at?
Where u at?
Where u at?

He dont even treat you right,
For just one night,
Why dont you come home with me?

I just want to know if u down,
Where u at?
Where u at?
Where u at?

Why are u still holding on?
The love is all gone,
Wont you come home with me?
Where u at girl?

(Verse 2)
I seen you on the side, I can tell you’re feeling my grind
I’ll be there when you fall and I give you my all and you know I’m the realest in line
We can chill all day baby, I’m just trying to keep it true ma
Relax or hit up the night and go learn some of that Kama Sutra
I can make you suffocated, so great and I instigate it
These kats are fakin’, in fact they hate it that me and you can be infatuated
I can slow it down or we can take it fast
They hate the fact I wanna be with you, where my haters at?
Finish up and hit rewind, baby girl you’re looking fine
I got you shook’d inside, it’s all good we can take our time
If I make it, we can live it up like life’s a vacation
Gotta find you again, give me a place and location


Let me break this down,
Let me tell u one time,
I was brought onto this earth for just,
One simple reason,
You were meant for me,
So Ill be there for you.


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