“Oh no! I only have 5 hours before it’s the party, and I haven’t bought anything anything to wear!” – insert male or female name of your choosing. Don’t worry, because i’m here to help you find something in that wretched closet of yours to transform into something borderline trendy for tonight’s big party.

We’ll start with the men. Lets keep it very basic guys. White and Black color scheme, and No, you probably shouldn’t wear the white pants with a black shirt combo either. I’m talking about simple black slacks, that your mother probably made you buy for that one interview you never attended and a white shirt. (Yea, your mom probably made you buy this too with the black slacks.) Now you have an option here of either pairing up your shirt with a simple black tie, or ANY skinny tie you might have. Don’t forget to roll up your selves, and tuck in that shirt.

For your shoes, if you have the CLEANEST white or black pair of Chuck Taylors, you can wear them and be passed off as trendy. If your only other option is dress shoes, take those baby’s out and give them a good scrub.

After you’ve dressed in your “best” attire, head to the bathroom and trim up and south, put a little product in your hair and get on out there with the best of them.

For you women out there. You all have that simple black dress you only wore once to your friend’s cousin’s wedding. Wear that!

Now pair it off with with a long chain gold necklace, or a simple elegant pearl necklace, your favorite pair of black/or gold/silver heels.

Keep your make up simple! Use your eyeliner, go a little heavy on your eye shadow, lash up! and glitter!! Nothing says New Years like glitter all over your face.

Now go knock back drinks with your girlfriends and party like it’s 199?….2012

Happy New Years!


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