Sung Beats: Underground Money

“…all I could think about was, I want to beatbox”

Sung Beats is a professional beatboxer who first got his start winning the Apollo Amateur Night. Coming from a traditional Korean-American family, music wasn’t the easiest path for his parents to accept, but they were quick to turn a tune when Sung started getting more notoriety.

Besides performing gigs, Sung also is a subway performer. On average he earns $150-$350 USD performing for 3 – 4 hours. When he first started, he only made about $40 bucks, but that started to change after tweaking his performance and setup. He now does subway performances armed with a loop station, speaker and mic.

The last time Sung had a regular 9-5 job was back in 2013. All he could think about was beatboxing, so he quit his job and pursued his passion His yearly salary is $35k which includes both is underground and above ground gigs. On his best days he earns up to $500USD.

Check out the video from Now This to learn more about his story.

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