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stevie hoangJF: What motivated you to make and release your current album Forever?

After taking a break from music for a couple of years, I began thinking about finding a new career and getting a normal job. That’s when I realized how much I  missed music and how much it meant to me, so I decided to start writing again. I also had fans sending me really nice messages asking if I was coming back so I thought as long as there’s people still wanting to listen to my music, i’ll carry on.

Do you have any favorite songs on the 17-track album?

Yes, my favorite track on the album is called 17, which I wrote during a break in Miami around the hotel swimming pool. It was the first song I wrote for the album and it gave me that buzz again. Everytime I listen to it, it gives me a happy and warm feeling.

Did any real life experiences contribute to the creation of this album?

Yeah, some songs are written from life experiences, while some are inspired by friends, family, and movies. Others are just made up stories, but I try to make all my songs relatable for other people.

Will the US album be different from the Asia release?

Yes, there will be different songs on both albums, as both markets have different tastes, but i’m sure my die hard fans will find a way to get a hold of both albums. The best part about releasing new music is seeing which songs go on to become popular– it’s something i’m looking forward to…

What separates this from your previous works?

I’m not too sure really– i’m sure some people will say it sounds exactly the same as all my other albums, [laughs], but I just try and make music from the heart and for my real fans. I’ll let the listeners decide what’s different about the album.

How long did it take to produce this particular album?

About 18 months, although during my break from music I gained a lot of song ideas and experiences without even realizing it, so when it came time to getting in the studio I already had a lot of ideas to put down.

Did you collaborate with anybody on this project or did you write, produce, engineer the whole project?

I’ve got a few features on the album and for the first time ever i’ve had a track produced by someone else, so i’m excited for people to hear it and see the reaction. Apart from that, I did the whole project myself.

What is the significance of the album title “Forever”?

This album is how i’d like to be remembered…the kind of music on this album represents me and it’s the music I love. I’ve realized that music is in my blood and it’s not something that can be turned on and off. It will always be a big part of my life.

Have you been working with other artists?

Yes i’ve worked with a Japanese group called “da-ice” which was a great experience, but i’d like to do a lot more collaborations in the future .

Are you still active in the music industry in any other ways besides your own music?  

Not at the moment. I’m just working on my own stuff but i’d love to work with other artists and producers on different projects in the future.

Is this really your last project?

Well, I recorded the album with the intention of it being my last. I plan to write and produce for other artists after this album, but you never know. I’ve tried to quit music before and here I am again.


Stevie Hoang & Mumzy Stranger feat Andrea Galaxy – One Last Time (Lyan Roze Mix) from the album FOREVER


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